30-45 minute run along the coast on Friday, Feb. 22 at 3pm

We will start from the main KITP entrance at 3pm sharp. At least three people (Alexey, Michael, and Servaas) are coming.

Dinner on Thursday, Feb 21:

It's been suggested that we go to the Chinese restaurant called Ming Dinasty

I suggest that we meet at 5.30 pm at the front door of KITP

We need cars. So if you have a car bring one.

30-45 minute run along the coast on Friday, Feb. 15 at 3pm

We will start from the main KITP entrance at 3pm sharp. At least two people (Alexey and Michael) are coming.

Dinner on Thursday, Feb. 14

The temporary Social Coordinator suggests a romantic Italian trattoria for this week: Bucatini, on 436 State Street, downtown Santa Barbara. I've made a booking for 14 people at 6pm on the terrace outside. Both my name and "KITP" should work as the password to identify our table, when you arrive at the place.

Please, confirm by tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon via the table below if you (and other people with you) will be coming, to make sure we have the right number of seats available--note that this Thursday restaurants are quite busy, and Bucatini warns on its webpage:

Due to the busy nature of these times we require a credit card number on special occasions and holidays. If you can not make your reservation and you advise us 24 hours in advance, there will be no charge. If you fail to cancel your reservation, or adjust the number of guests (ie: your reservation was for 10 people and only 5 actually dine) there will be a charge of $25 per missing person.

Beware: They got my credit card number... and I know where you work ;-)

I think it would be better to move it to Friday, at least, if then they don't charge $ 25 for a missing person (I have a family of five here).


I prefer the Friday, too, for the same reason. Robert

I'm OK with either Thursday or Friday. Sophie.

I will be gone Friday - so Thursday would be my last chance for now. (But I can understand the reasons for Friday....)

I propose to go to this Mexican restaurant, Los Arroyos, in Santa Barbara, for dinner around 17:30 on Friday.

It seems an easy-going place suitable for bringing children, and no reservations required.


Have a car? Need a ride?
I'd prefer we move the reservation to an inside table (if possible)
Other comments
Need a ride
I'll be happy either way (inside, outisde)

Have car
Happy either way, can provide a ride too.
need reminder!
Have a car
Can take 3

Need a ride
Either is good
I need to stop at my hotel on the way.
needs a ride

Plans for the weekend, 2/9-10

Please use this space to share plans for the weekend.

  • Susanne: I would love to do something outdoorsy, preferably on Sunday. I have a bike, but no car.

Here is some experience from Sophie:
"We went to see the elephant seals and Hearst castle a few weeks ago -- I don't know if they are still there -- I think they stay for about 6 weeks to give birth only -- but it was a nice day out. The drive is also quite scenic and we found an easy hike too."

coldmoles13 Dinner on Thursday February 7

We are planning a group dinner tomorrow at Opal restaurant on 1325 State Street. Its website is http://opalrestaurantandbar.com . We have reserved a long table for 6 pm. Please add you name to the wiki if you want to attend.
  • Svetlana and Eite (We have a car)
  • Kaden (need ride)
  • Gerrit (need ride)
  • Alexey+1 (have a car, can take 2 more)
  • Eberhard (need ride)
  • Robert (family of 4, have car)
  • Jordi (need a ride)
  • Susanne (come by myself by bike)
  • Bala (have a car, can take 3-4)
  • Paul + 1, have car
  • Jose (needs a ride)
  • Steven (can bring 3 more in my car)
  • Andrei (can bring 3 more in my car)

Super Bowl

Super BowlPhotos: (more can be dowloaded from here)

[Latest news - Sat 3:25pm]
Kaden has been able to contact Sharkeez: they tell us we should have no problem to get seating place if we are there NO LATER THAN 2PM. So let's meet there by that time and enjoy some pre-game drinks!

Back-up plan: if we're so unlucky not to get seating, we've been recommended by Marty to try this other bar, Santa Barbara Brewing Company, which is just one block North along State Street. If you have troubles meeting us, you can text me at my Spanish cell phone: +34 (for Spain) 603.156.798.

[Fri] We're checking whether we can book a table at Sharkeez. Please, stay tuned in case we have to move to another place.

On Sunday Feb. 3rd there's the NFL SuperBowl match at 3:30pm. Anyone interested to go watch it somewhere? Just add your name below, as well as suggestions on where to go watch it!

Where to go

Sharkeez (sports bar)




coldmoles13 Group Dinner

Second group dinner: Thursday January 31st
at (NOTE NEW TIME!!!) 6:00 pm at the restaurant Cielito on 1114 State Street.
It is found here http://www.cielitorestaurant.com
Driving directions from KITP here.

Please sign up on Jan 30th-31st
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-if you have a car and how many extra seats you can offer
-if you need a ride
-the number of additional people coming with you

  • Svetlana/Eite (have car, but live in SB)
  • Jordi (need a ride)
  • Gerrit - need a ride
  • Steven - can bring 3 extra
  • Bala - can bring 3 extra
  • Jose - can take the bus, but a ride would be nice :)
  • Eberhard - need a ride
  • Kaden - need ride
  • Bill/Mauricette - can bring 3 extra
  • Paul/Marietta
  • Doerte
  • Ed

coldmoles13 Inaugural Group Dinner

First group dinner: Thursday January 24th
at 7:00 pm at Enterprise Fish Co on lower State Street.
It is found here http://www.enterprisefishco.com/santabarbara/

Please sign up before Jan 24th 13:00
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-if you have a car and how many extra seats you can offer
-if you need a ride
-the number of additional people coming with you

Eite (we have a car, but stay in downtown SB, two seats available)
Jordi (need a ride)
Steven (have a car, 3 seats available)
Kaden (need a ride)
Bala (I have a car, 4 seats available)
Jose D'Incao
Doerte Blume
Alexey (+1) - we have a car, 2 seats available
if we do not have enough cars, we'll take together the bus 24X that stops in front of KITP (at some time)